Lassen County

Democratic Party

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Want to keep up to date with your Lassen County Democratic Party? 

Text the word PROGRESS to (888) 505-1889, and you'll receive texts about upcoming actions, events, meetings, volunteer opportunities and more. 

november 5th election

With reoccurring contributions of $10-20/month to your local Democratic Organization in Lassen County — California's rural north — we can contact, engage and represent Lassen County Democrats through knocking on thousands of doors, sending thousands of postcards, maintaining this website, inviting special guests, as well as representing Lassen County Democrats at the region and state level, in addition to printing materials and other resources.

We in Lassen County saw a 6% increase of Democratic voters during the 2018 election. It took us all we had! So we're asking for donations so the voices of Lassen County continue to be heard, and to flood the High Sierra desert with that big blue wave!

Our team, the Lassen County Democratic Central Committee, meets monthly to conduct business, hold political discussions, invite speakers and organize at 5:30 p.m., every 3rd Thursday of the month via Google Meet. Contact Chair for the link.

Our next meeting is:

March 21, 2024

Our meetings are open to the public and anyone is invited to attend.


 Jacob Hibbitts


Angie Miller

Vice Chair

Sterling Sharp


Barbara Selsor